SMMPA is a member of the Mid‑Continent Area Power Pool (MAPP). MAPP is one of the reliability regions of the North American Electric Reliability Council and has been recognized as one of the most progressive power pools in the country in assisting utilities to cooperatively plan and operate their systems to reduce costs. Each MAPP utility is required to carry, at minimum, a 15% reserve margin based on the utility's annual peak. Additionally, participants in MAPP are required to have generation resources available at levels necessary to meet real-time load plus an operating reserve margin requirement of approximately 4%.

MAPP is organized into various committees with a number of subcommittees and task forces that are assigned responsibility for accomplishing numerous projects. Many of these projects consist of joint-system studies involving reserve capacity obligations, generation expansion studies, transmission studies, operational studies, and anything that may impact reliability of MAPP. The committees and their subgroups are staffed by MAPP personnel and those from MAPP members' offices.