what we're about


Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency will be a national leader in energy services and joint action innovation.


To draw together public power communities to provide economical and reliable wholesale energy and other services.

Guiding Principles

Benefit to the Agency (unity, operations, financial, political, stability, image).

Benefit to all members (unity, reliability, affordability, image, services, support).

Benefit to members' ultimate customers (reliability, affordability, services, support).

Values Statement

We are dedicated to our member communities and take responsibility for the efficient, cost effective and reliable delivery of electricity and services in an environmentally responsible manner. In doing so, we are committed to the following values:

Integrity– We conduct ourselves according to high ethical standards and adhere to principles of honesty, trust, accountability and fairness.

Team Work– We derive strength through joint action and cooperation. We respect, support and care about one another.

Innovative– We strive to be forward thinking, action–oriented and creative.

Workplace– We promote a safe, healthy and productive workplace, a learning environment and an enjoyable atmosphere

  Finding a Better Way