our board of directors

The Board as a group acts to adopt rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the Agency Agreement and Bylaws, for the management, administration and regulation of SMMPA’s business affairs. The Board establishes and maintains an accounting system, conducting an annual audit of the Agency’s accounts, books and financial condition. The Board may employ or retain legal council, engineering, architectural, financial and other professional personnel or firms in furtherance of the purposes and powers of the Agency. The Board interacts with the Executive Director in the planning, review of policies, and compliance with the laws and mandates as they affect the Agency and its members. The Board also interacts with SMMPA members to identify issues and determine direction for the Agency.

2017 Board Meeting Schedule

Mark E. Nibaur
Mark J. Fritsch
Vice President
Joseph Hoffman
Mark Kotschevar
Bruce A. Reimers
Stuart T. Smith
Jerry M. Mausbach