The Agency first delivered power to its members on November 1, 1982, relying mostly on purchases from other utilities. Today SMMPA serves its 18 members with a unique portfolio of generation resources that includes Sherco 3 (884 MW), the newest and cleanest coal-fired generating facility in Midwest, of which the Agency owns 41% (362 MW). Located in member communities and adding an extra measure of reliability to the mix are 238 MW of combustion turbines, diesel engines, small fossil-fired steam units and the Agency's renewable resources - biodiesel-fueled engines and its own wind turbines.

A 161 kV and other transmission lines and associated substation additions have been constructed by the Agency. Shared transmission agreements with neighboring utilities have been converted to Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) network service.

Beyond providing electricity to its 18 members SMMPA has available a variety of offerings to members to help them deliver value to their customers. Please check your member utility's page for more.