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School District Rewarded for Energy Efficiency Investments

When United South Central School District received approval to replace its 80-year-old school in 2012, those involved in the planning process for the new school quickly recognized their decisions would have an impact for decades.

As the school district prioritized the needs of the new building, which opened in 2014, Director of Buildings and Grounds Dan Ehlert said a committed effort was made to make the new building as energy efficient in as many areas as the district could afford. The result, Mr. Ehlert said, was a collaborative effort between the school district, the engineering firm, and their electric utility to identify energy efficiency opportunities before construction.

“Working with the architects, as well as Wells Public Utilities’ Energy Services Representative Steve Almos, we were able to ensure the choices being made by the district were not only energy efficient, but also qualified for utility rebates,” Mr. Ehlert said.

That collaborative strategy resulted in a very rewarding payback for the school district as they recently received a rebate check for nearly $100,000 from Wells Public Utilities for efficient lighting, cooling equipment, motors, and variable speed drives. “We’re just tickled pink,” said United South Central Public Schools Superintendent Jerry K. Jensen upon receiving the check.

Moreover, the return on the investment was not lost on Superintendent Jensen. “I can envision this money going right back into energy efficiency efforts. There are additional energy saving projects to pursue, even within our new building, and now we have the resources to do them,” he said.

Wells Public Utilities’ Manager Jeff Amy also had nothing but praise for the school district’s commitment to energy efficiency during the initial construction and going forward. “The bottom line is that every dollar invested in energy efficiency brings back a return on your investment, and I’m glad the school district recognizes that,” he said.

USC_rebate _webUnited South Central Public Schools Superintendent Jerry K. Jensen, Director of Buildings and Grounds Dan Ehlert and Wells Public Utilities’ Manager Jeff Amy pose with a rebate check made out to the school district for nearly $100,000 for energy efficient purchases during construction of the new school.