What's happening in Saint Peter

New building utilizes efficient technologies

As Nicollet County began working with designers on the new Health and Human Services Building, energy efficiency was an important consideration.  Those involved in the project saw it as a great opportunity to integrate efficient products into the planning and design of the new building, and as a result a number of energy efficient technologies were implemented into the project.

LED lighting is used throughout the building extensively and can also be found on the building exterior as well as the parking lot. LEDs consume about 40% less energy than fluorescents, and they have extremely long lamp life which results in minimal maintenance. 

To control the lighting, the LEDs are part of a larger system that also controls the occupancy sensors that are used throughout the building. And although occupancy sensors have become fairly common in building design, they improve the efficiency of the lighting reducing the number of run hours needlessly operating.

Another target in designing for energy efficiency was in the building’s heating and cooling systems. The rooftop units, which heat and cool the building, utilize an energy recovery wheel as part of their efficiency. Additionally, three boilers provide in-floor heat to the perimeter office spaces rather than relying on electric baseboard heat. These efficient boilers are designed with pumps that can be varied to provide the needed heat for the spaces without using excess energy. 

“All of this added up to significant rebates for the new building from Saint Peter Utilities totaling over $35,000, said Doug Krueger, Nicollet County Facilities Maintenance Director. “And we should save roughly $25,000 annually using these efficiency measures in the building.”