What's happening in Princeton

Princeton Public Utilities Awards Fairview Northland with chiller rebate 

Princeton -Big -CheckFairview Northland Medical Center recently installed two new 170 ton chillers.  Since the chillers are more efficient than standard units, Princeton Public Utilities provided Fairview Northland with a rebate of $14,450.  By pursuing energy efficiency, Fairview is expected to save nearly 111,000 kWhs per year.

“I really enjoy the relationship I have with SMMPA and Princeton Public Utilities,” said Todd Herrick, North Region Director of Facilities for Fairview Northland. “Working together to reduce energy costs we have done two LED upgrades and recently replaced two chillers.”

“We really appreciate Fairview Northland Hospital participating in our rebate programs,” said Connie Wangen, Princeton Public Utilities General Manager.  “Pursuing energy efficiency benefits all of us and we look forward to working with them on any future projects as well.”

This is another example of how Princeton Public Utilities is partnering with our customers to save energy.

PPU_lights -flyerBP canopy lights

LEDs Light Up The Night in Princeton

The BP gas station at Highway 95 and Highway 169 in Princeton, MN converted all 12 of their 400 watt metal halide canopy lights (which draw about 458 watts when you include the ballast) to LEDs that consume just 149 Watts of power – that is only a third of the power for the same light!  They also replaced the two 400 Watt metal halides over their other two pumps (not shown here) with 175W LEDs.  The fixtures installed were all qualified by the national organization Design Lights Consortium so that the customer is assured that the performance and the life of the new lamps will meet their needs for years to come.

Hofman Oil (owner of the BP gas station) received a rebate of $2,196 which included a bonus for HID to LED conversions from Princeton Public Utilities.

Heartland Auto Electric takes advantage of bonus lighting rebates

Heartland Auto

Heartland Auto Electric of Princeton completed a lighting retrofit at their facility by replacing 45 existing 400 Watt high-intensity discharge (HID) metal halide fixtures with 6 lamp 4 foot fluorescent super F32T8 fixtures.  Heartland also retrofitted all their existing T12 fixtures with T8s. To help them defray some of the costs for these efficient upgrades, Princeton Public Utilities provided Heartland with a lighting rebate of $6,489, which included a limited time bonus of $10 per fixture. Because of their efforts, Heartland is saving approximately $3,300 per year from this lighting upgrade.

The bonus rebate that Heartland received is offered to all Princeton Public Utilities electric business customers through December 31.  It applies to each new fixture installed when replacing any existing HID high bay fixtures (on ceilings heights greater than 15 feet) with linear fluorescents or LED fixtures. You can also receive another $10 bonus rebate for each new occupancy sensor installed to control any qualified new high bay fixtures. These bonus rebates are in addition to our standard fixture and sensor rebates.

Walmart and Princeton Public Utilities Promote Energy Efficiency

PRIN WalMartPrinceton Public Utilities recently provided Walmart with various energy efficiency rebates for their new store.  With PPU’s wide range of program offerings, Walmart qualified for rebates through the use of: high efficiency air-conditioning; cooler and freezer cases with LED lighting, no-energy and low-energy glass doors, and high-efficiency fans; and energy-efficient lighting including LEDs and fluorescent fixtures that dim when sunlight is present.