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Household Performance Tools

We want to help you better understand your electricity use. With the right information, you can better manage your electricity use and save money on your bills.

To do so, we’re offering a number of exciting new tools:

  • Household Energy Report: The new Household Energy Comparison on your electric bill makes it easy for you to see if your electricity use is high or low, and allows you to compare your electricity usage with a group of other homes in Mora that are similar in size and have similar energy usage characteristics. The easy to understand information is provided on residential electric bills and shows if your rating is average, good, or great compared to similar Mora households.
  • Energy Saving Tips: In addition to your Comparison Graph, you will find efficiency tips and techniques on your bill that can help you save money by using electricity more wisely.
  • Household Energy Analysis: The secure, user-friendly web portal allows you to securely access your account to track the energy usage in your home and see how much you are spending and how you could save. Here you can view your home’s energy usage over time, conduct an online analysis, view energy saving tips and challenge family and friends to save energy and money. Just login to your account by clicking the link at the top of this page.
  • Mobile Apps: Download the free mobile app and access money-savings tools and tips on the go. Just login to your account by clicking the link at the top of this page.

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