LED Lighting Showcase


With so many LED bulb and fixture options available today, you may be overwhelmed with deciding which is the best alternative to linear fluorescent fixtures.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could view the most common types of energy-efficient LED lighting options, learn how they compare, and find utility rebate information – all at one location?

We have just the place! Come visit our utility office to view and learn about the four most common LED alternatives to linear fluorescent fixtures:

1. Relamp - Replace existing fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs that are compatible with T8 fluorescent ballasts. This option has the shortest lifetime since the fluorescent ballast will most likely fail before the LED bulbs.

2. Rewire - Disconnect and remove the existing fluorescent ballast, and replace the existing fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs that use integrated/internal drivers. This option has the shortest payback because the costs are lowest after our rebate.

3. Retrofit - Retrofit the existing fluorescent bulbs and ballasts with a prepackaged LED retrofit kit. Some LED retrofit kits can be installed very easily. 

4. Replace - Replace the existing fluorescent fixture with an LED fixture. This option provides the longest lifetime and highest energy savings.

Our “LED Lighting Showcase” is open to our customers and local lighting/electrical contractors. If possible, please call ahead and let us know when you plan to stop by so we can have someone available to show them to you and answer any questions you may have.    

Here is a fact sheet that provides details about the four options.