ENERGY STAR® Home Electronics

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Did you knowDid you know that 40% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed to power features like clock displays and remote controls while the products are turned off? ENERGY STAR qualified home electronic products use up to 50% less energy while off than conventional products, while providing the same performance and features. Less energy means you pay less on your electric bill.

Save money and help make our community a little greener by looking for the ENERGY STAR label when buying home electronics. Find ENERGY STAR Products here.

Which consumer electronic product categories can carry the ENERGY STAR label?

  • Computers and Monitors
  • TVs
  • Set-top Boxes and Cable Boxes
  • Blu-ray and DVD Players
  • Home Audio Equipment
  • Answering Machines
  • Cordless Phones

ENERGY STAR Home Electronics Fact Sheet

Properly Recycle Your Old Electronics

Is your old TV serving as a coffee table while your retired computer is doubling as a plant stand? And with new technology introduced every day (more powerful computers, HDTVs, and smart phones), do you wonder just how many plant stands and coffee tables you have room for?

You're not alone. That's why the US Environmental Protection Agency has launched the "Sustainable Materials Management Electronics Challenge" campaign to get the word out about opportunities to reuse and recycle your old computers, TVs, cell phones, and other electronics.

Recycling your old electronics is smart and good for the environment, not to mention your decor. Best Buy offers convenient options for consumers to recycle their old electronics. From their Trade-In program to convenient in-store recycling programs, they’re committed to ensuring that everyone has access to easy, sustainable technology choices that make a positive social and environmental impact. Best Buy has long offered the most comprehensive electronics recycling options, and continue to work only with certified recyclers. Consumers recycle more consumer electronics and appliances with Best Buy than any other retailer - an average of 387 pounds are recycled each minute at Best Buy! And recycling is free, with few restrictions.