Efficient Furnace Fan Motors

Save on your heating and cooling costs with an energy-efficient furnace fan motor!

Your furnace fan motor circulates air through your home.  A standard motor operates at full speed which is typically more than is always needed.  Electronically commutated motors (ECM) and Advanced Main Air Circulating Fans (AMACF) are motors that automatically adjust the fan speed and airflow to meet your home’s heating and cooling needs – saving up to $70 per year in energy costs.

Additional benefits:

  • Improved Comfort - Efficient furnace fan motors circulate the air in your home at the appropriate speed to help prevent your home from being too warm and then too cold within a narrow window of time.
  • Quieter Operation – Efficient furnace fan motors operate at lower speeds when circulating air through your home which results in much quieter operation.
  • Simple Application – Efficient furnace fan motors can be included in new furnaces, or they can be easily retrofitted without replacing your whole furnace.

Blooming Prairie Public Utilities offers a $125 rebate for new furnaces equipped with a qualifying efficient furnace fan motor, or for the installation of a new qualifying fan motor in an existing furnace.

Download our rebate form here for more information:
Efficient Furnace Fan Rebate Application