Technical Seminar Series

SMMPA Members

Throughout the year Blooming Prairie Public Utilities sponsors technical seminars, usually one day in length, that deliver the technical information you need to operate your business for maximum profitability. Additionally, SMMPA and Blooming Prairie Public Utilities have offered both the Level 1 and Level 2 training series of the Building Operator Certification (BOC) program. This program gives participants the insight and training necessary to save thousands of dollars in energy costs and improve building operations. BOC training focuses on the critical areas affecting energy usage and achieves significant energy savings by training individuals who are directly responsible for day-to-day building operations.

Click here for more information on the upcoming training in Austin beginning fall 2017

Our past seminars include:

  • Industrial Efficiency Initiative: Save Energy, Maximize Profits
  • Adjustable Speed Drives: Application, Economics and Power Quality
  • Compressed Air System Optimization
  • Electrical Efficiency Improvement
  • HVAC Efficiency Improvement
  • Managing Lighting Systems
  • So Long HID - Welcome Back Fluorescent
  • Optimizing Your Motor Management
  • Power Quality: System Compatibility For Sensitive Electronics
  • Achieving Process Optimization

Presenters at these seminars are nationally known experts in their respective fields and have considerable experience presenting to national and, in some cases, global audiences. Seminars are interactive so you can get answers for and ideas about your systems.

Cost of attendance for our regular seminars, including breaks and lunch, is $75 for customers of or vendors or consultants to SMMPA Member Utilities. Cost is $250 for all others. Please note, the cost of attendance for the BOC seminar may vary. Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are available for attendance.

For a complete lisitng of Minnesota BOC training opportunities click HERE.

BOC is a professional development program for operations and maintenance staff working in public, institutional and commercial buildings. The program consists of a series of courses on the energy and resource-efficient operation of buildings. BOC fills a gap in energy efficiency training for building operators. BOC training provides low to no-cost methods that improve energy savings as part of building maintenance operations. Successfully completing these courses and assigned projects qualifies individuals for a nationally recognized certification.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified of future seminars.