C&I Rebate Programs & Forms


Today's business environment is full of challenges. Worrying about your energy costs shouldn't be one of them. Our commercial and industrial rebates will help you improve the energy efficiency of your business to ensure that you get the most from your energy dollar. We'll work with you to evaluate high-efficiency equipment options, assess your potential electricity savings, and determine your rebate and estimated payback.

High-efficiency equipment not only lowers your electricity costs, it can also reduce maintenance costs, improve comfort, provide precise control and extend equipment life.

Using energy wisely also helps us defer the need for additional generation, which keeps your rates down.

Some high-efficiency facts to get you thinking about how your business may benefit from our rebate programs...

Lighting - Today's high-efficiency lighting products can reduce your lighting bill by as much as 40%.  (In addition to lighting rebates, we also offer access to lamp recycling to help make sure the mercury contained in your fluorescent lamps is properly reclaimed instead of ending up in Minnesota's precious lakes and rivers. Remember, we're all responsible for protecting our environment.)

Cooling - New cooling equipment could reduce your energy costs by 20%, while providing increased reliability, quieter operation and non-CFC based refrigerants.  Rebates are available for high-efficiency air conditioners, heat pumps, and chillers.  (You may also be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit for high-efficiency central air conditioners and heat pumps. Contact your tax advisor for advice.)

Motors - The annual cost of energy consumed by a motor is typically six times more than the initial purchase price. Rebates are available for new motor installations as well as replacement and inventoried motors. Higher rebates are available for replacing working motors.

Variable Speed Drives - Variable speed drives that properly match motor speed with the installation not only save energy, but offer more precise control and extended equipment life.

Door Misers® - Anti-sweat heaters in refrigerated glass display cases typically operate continuously, but are needed for only a fraction of the time. Door Misers can save 70-90% of your anti-sweat heating costs.

VendingMisers® - VendingMisers can save 24-36% of your vending machine electricity usage while also reducing maintenance costs and extending machine life.

Custom - Rebates are available for a wide range of energy-saving equipment designed specifically to meet your unique needs.


Simply give us a call to request rebate application forms. All business customers we serve are eligible for rebates. If you'd like assistance, we'll walk you through the rebate application forms and guide you throughout the process.  But don't wait too long...rebate funds may be limited, so please contact us to confirm availability.