Energy Efficiency

In addition to providing reliable, affordable electricity to our Member utilities, Agency staff also works with them to develop innovative and effective programs to help their customers use energy wisely. 

There is no cheaper or cleaner power than that which we don’t have to produce.  That’s why we work with our Members to develop, promote, and implement programs that help customers reduce their energy usage and help protect the environment.  Some refer to this as “conservation”, but we call it “energy efficiency”.  We believe saving energy shouldn’t mean having to “do without” something.  You can live as comfortably and work as effectively as you always have while also saving energy and money and helping make your community a little greener by using energy-efficient appliances and equipment in your home and business. In fact you can get the same or better performance as conventional equipment while saving money on your electricity bills.

The energy efficiency programs we develop with our Member utilities help you do just that.  From high-efficiency lighting like compact fluorescent lamps to an energy-efficient air compressor at your business, our rebate programs help you invest in products that reduce your energy usage without compromising comfort or performance.  In 2015 alone, SMMPA reimbursed our Member utilities over $3.6 million for rebates they paid their customers.

But it goes beyond just getting more for less. As customer-owned utilities, we and our Members understand the need for stewardship that protects our energy resources and the economic well-being of our Member communities.  As our Members help their customers become stronger, we all become stronger.

SMMPA and its Members are proud to be an ENERGY STAR® partner and have won ENERGY STAR Awards for our programs in 2003, 2004, 2010 and 2016.  We continue to work hard to provide energy-efficiency solutions for your home and business that help strengthen our economy and improve our environment.

Please take time to learn more about the energy efficiency programs we’ve developed with our Member utilities by clicking here and selecting any of our Member utilities.